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Feb 222015


SOLARPARK. Solar electricity from Helsingborg.

Swedish-taste market has signed a share in the solar park, which will supply solar power.In our quest to live up to our vision, we have signed stake in Solar park, which will supply solar power. This is part of taking ownership and promoting a sustainable society in the future.

Facts about solarelectricity and solarcells
Every hour takes the Earth receives as much solar energy as the entire world’s population uses in a whole year! The entire world’s energy needs could be covered by solar cells on just 7% of the surface of the Sahara. Solar cells are the generation that increase the most in the world – despite this, still 80% of world energy consumption from fossil sources.

Solar Park Helsingborg
The NSR’s industrial park, VERA Park, Helsingborg’s landfills – old waste that ends covered with waterproofing. On the slopes of these landfills placed a ground-based photovoltaic plant with a capacity of up to 2 megawatts (MW). The effect corresponds to a large wind turbines and energy is estimated to be nearly 2 million kWh / year. It will be built in phases and consist of up to 8300 solar panels, each with a peak power of 250 W. The panels are of the same type as in small, roof-mounted photovoltaic plants that you see today at villas.


Feb 162015

Passion för mat

Soon it is time for English-Taste market to visit the Food Fair Passion for Food in Eriksbergshallen in Gothenburg.

The fair is between February 27th and March 1st.

Passion for Food is fair for everyone who likes to cook! An exhibition that is both unique and exciting with clear requirements for exhibitors’ product quality and keeping up good taste and quality of raw materials.All based on carefully selected exhibitors with great knowledge.

The fair has more than 120 foods exhibitors with great passion. Await Kitchen School with some of the country’s best chefs, tastings, micro seminars, competitions and lots of food ideas and inspiration for all foodies.
We see this as a good forum to find new potential suppliers who have the same direction as us.

After our visit we will review the fair. Potential suppliers will be presented later this year.

Ren mat & smak

Oct 282014

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On 26/10 we visited the exhibition “Love the Food & Wine” at Slagthuset in Malmö. Around 100 quality-conscious exhibitors participated in the Fair. We got time to meet several interesting vendors who gave us wanting more. Love the Food & Wine is an annual recurring food and beverage trade show. Taste, smell and inspiration offered in abundance.

Oct 272014


The only trade fair in the Nordic region that is dedicated organic goods.

Extremely interesting and instructive as it was the first time we visited this type of show. Here we tied the new contacts among others in skin care. That organic is the future, we received strong evidence of the fair.

Sep 072014
In August, we reported us to the “FOOD” to spread knowledge and inspiration about good food for good health and environmental sustainability. A meeting place for professionals and consumers with upcoming seminars, debates, workshops and one of the largest food markets in which we nodule new contacts with various suppliers.